Greetings, and welcome to our home page for Cape Cod Beach Stone sculpture, jewelry and crafts.  Everything you see on this site is made from Cape Cod beach stones and driftwood.  The sculptures are very small, although any stone has a monumental feel to it when examined closely.  Sometimes a stone contains a picture that pulls you into a world that grows infinitely with your imaginings. 
If you like stones and the beauty of natural things, you will like this site. Please don't enter looking for items of great value, except insofar as you value things that nature has taken thousands of years to create and has left here for us.  Enjoy!

 One of the stones we found on the beach was the inspiration for a book for children ages 7 to 11, or for younger ages if you read the book to him or her. The book is called STONE FACES and is available for download on the Apple iBookstore.  At the present time, it is only available to those with an Apple device, but we are working on that.

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