Designs and sand castles
Once you've made a stone design, there is no reason to stop.

You can incorporate the design into a sand castle, or a bunch of little sand castles. 
If you leave the stone design in the middle of your structure, the end result often looks like the stone design is
the center of a little world populated by people who only appear after the human beings have left. 

They have their pathways and houses and never fight.  They are all satisfied with what they have.

Here's another design that is more like a miniature town than a sand castle.  The image is a little blurred, but you can see what is possible with sizes and colors of stones. 

If you have a design that you would like to share, please take a picture of it and e-mail it to us at  We will display it on our website and we may want to use it in a book at some future point.  If we do use it in a book, we will ask for your permission first in writing.  If you send us your picture now, you will be agreeing that we can display it on this website.

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